A quick update on the Jeremy Stephens case: Jeremy remains in a Minnesota jail with a $100,000 bail and an October 23rd date for extradition to Iowa. We’ve already heard the story from Jeremy’s camp and now here’s Dana White with his extra 2 cents:

“We heard about this thing a long time ago,” White told MMAjunkie.com this past week in Minneapolis. “Jeremy Stephens’ side of the story is that he never hit the guy. It wasn’t him. It was one of his friends, and they were all together, and he hit the guy. The guys were accusing him of hitting the guy because they’re trying to get money out of him. Because he’s a UFC guy, they think they can make money off of him or whatever. That’s his side of the story, and I like Jeremy Stephens. He’s a good kid. I’ve known him for years, and if that’s what he tells me, I take grown men for their word.”

So wait a second here. Jeremy’s camp says they never knew about any legal issues yet here’s Dana White saying he heard about this situation a long time ago? Corrupt system and vindictive policing conspiracies aside, you’d think that if Stephens’ official story checked out he wouldn’t still be cooling his heels in a jail cell. Methinks Stephens is about to learn a similar lesson about assault that War Machine did – even if you aren’t the guy who beats the shit out of someone, if you’re part of the gang that participated, you’re still liable.

Two gifs of Lil Heathen knocking peeps out after the jump, just for the hell of it.