Jens Pulver has been a busy man since leaving the WEC in 2010. Not only has he gone 3-2 in regional cage fights, but he’s also the star of a documentary called Driven and a part of the new mixed martial arts video game, Supremacy MMA. While the UFC and EA MMA series of games attempt to give users as real of an ultimate fighting experience as possible, Supremacy takes things in another direction. Here’s Jens telling us in an exclusive interview about the vibe of the game and what he’s playing right now.

“It’s pretty much an arcade game. We’re showing the MMA fans that you got your simulated games like Madden and you play with your favorite players that you see on TV and then you got your arcade game.” he said. “Graphics and gameplay can be improved with any game but with this we’re trying to tell stories and I like that. The story mode is awesome. I’m proud to be a part of it. When you do a simulated game, you have to follow guidelines but with an arcade game you can implode bodies and stuff.”

Is he concerned that people might get the wrong idea about MMA if they play the often violent and over the top Supremacy MMA? Not really. “If you think this is what MMA is all about and you’ve missed the UFC, then what can you do? It’s like people who think ‘this is what football is all about’ and it’s 3 on 3 with zombies. Or when you get on fire in NBA Jam. So what do you tell people like that?”

Many people know that Jens is a hardcore gamer, so we asked him about his roots and how he got started.

“As a kid I used to go to town but once I got a Nintendo, things changed. Me and Mario, I was hooked. Me and my brothers used to battle to see who got the controller. I’ve never been much of an arcade fanatic and especially now with all these systems. Pretty soon I expect to be in my big hubble chair and just being inside and part of the game.”

“My first game was on Atari 2600, River Raid. You had to get through different puzzles and get fuel and I think they just stopped giving you fuel so you lose. My mom was the best at that one.”

As for what Jens is playing now, a bad guess wouldn’t be World of Warcraft. Pulver used to play it so much some joked he was a full time gamer with a fighting hobby. But he’s actually been branching out lately:

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“My wife just got me hooked on Plants vs. Zombies and I’m going through trying to beat all the short games and puzzles. I’m a big World of Warcraft fan but I haven’t played that one in a month or two because I once I got hooked on Dragon Age 2, forget about it! So I’m going through my 3rd time playing as a mage to see how things change.”

Jens sees a future in gaming, and considering his sweet gigs thus far through Supremacy MMA and sponsorships with some of the largest gaming companies in the world, that isn’t all that far fetched. Instead of seeing Lil Evil move into the world of MMA commentating, he may instead end up doing gaming commentary.

“I want to be like a gaming consultant. Like you get to sit there and talk to the media while playing the game. That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to sit there and just talk about the game in front of you. I can’t explain all the mathematic equations that went into the game but I can tell you that I like how you can blow up that card, you know? Don’t let me sit down and talking about Modern Warfare 3 when it comes out, I’m gonna be going crazy. I can’t wait for that one.”

“I love the media world and the networking. The computers and the gadgets and gizmos. You put me in E3 or Best Buy and I’m in heaven. I’m running around looking and flat screens, playing the demos, it’s crazy. Some people have hunting or cars, I have games and computers.”