Last week we reported that Jeff Monson beat up a couple of Russian policemen to save a helpless old bum. And by ‘report’ I mean we just repeated the same story everyone else repeated while oh so subtly going *cough* bullshit *cough*. Because if Monson had actually kicked a copski’s ass in Moscow, he’d be coming home with much worse than the broken leg he got from Fedor. Actually, he probably wouldn’t be coming home for a really long time. But now Jeff is back in America and telling the world via his blog what really happened:

There’s a big rumor reported by the media that I beat up two police officers to help a homeless man. The truth is a homeless man was being assaulted by police in the subway. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up and walked with him for a bit but I never talked to or touched the officers.

Well, at least the part where Monson saved the homeless man was legit. Sure, some fisticuffs and good triumphing over evil would have been nice, but this isn’t Seagal-Land. You don’t fuck with the law, especially not in Russia. I kinda like the story more this way. It shows you don’t have to be a 230 pound martial artist to do the right thing. Although it’s probably a bit less scary when you are.