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While Steven Seagal is the rightful king of the crazy action stars, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t all that far behind him. He keeps his crazy on a lower profile, but if you happen to watch his 8 part reality series ‘Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors’ (the 9:00 mark especially), you’ll see what I’m talking about. Or you can watch this strange 3 minute tribute video to GSP and himself that JCVD made and released to the internet for some reason. Watching JCVD stretch out GSP’s groin to an epic choir score is … something.

His dedication at the end of the video is also classic JCVD.

Hi Georges. The memories of our friendship, of a great country and a great city, Montreal, and a great team of people surrounding us, made of love, sports, health, and like I said … friendship. <high kick>

You might have noticed that was barely a coherent sentence, which is what makes Jean Claude Van Damme so entertaining…

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Now here’s a REAL tribute video to GSP and Jean Claude Van Damme:

[youtube Hoo5jwlT7xE]