Those still wondering if Fabricio Werdum has been released from the UFC, you can add Sam Caplan to the list of MMA reporters passing the report along. Also on the chopping block: Jason Lambert.

In recent days, news has broken that the company attempted to reduce Fabricio Werdum’s salary and when he did not accept their new offer, a decision was made not to make a counter offer.

In addition to Werdum departing the organization, learned earlier today that middleweight Jason Lambert is now also a free agent. Soon after hearing the news from our initial source, we were able to confirm the development with Matt Stansell, Lambert’s manager with NCFC Management.

While I am sad that we have lost an endless well of titty jokes with Lambert’s departure, I can’t say I disagree with the UFC’s decision to cut him. His last three fights have been clinics in what NOT to do when you’re a fighter. Both Wilson Gouveia and Luis Cane knocked him out after he left himself wide open, and Jason MacDonald cut through his ground game easily enough.

So farewell to thee, Jason Lambert. We’ll miss you, and your tit flaps.