Eugh. It seems like I spend more time talking about Athletic Commissions than the sports they’re regulating. Apparently I’m the only one that thinks it’s fucked up that Mohegan Sun denied so many fighters on the GFC card that the event was cancelled. So I’m sure I’ll also be in the minority when I say this is messed up. This weekend also had a Shooto card held in California, minus a few of the standard Shooto trappings:

Taro Wakabayashi, who has refereed hundreds of amateur and professional Shooto bouts over his 13-plus years as a Shooto official, was denied his license as a referee by the CSAC.

“Yeah, his résumé looked pretty good, but he’ll need to take a refereeing course in September they said,” [Shooto promoter Jason] Manly snickered.

Okay, I think we can all agree that it’s important to license referees, and there’s got to be a standard for doing so. But saying a guy who’s reffed literally hundreds of MMA fights needs to take a refereeing course? That’s kinda dumb. It reminds me of nuclear physicists from the middle east driving cabs in New York because no one recognizes their degrees. Just like in that situation, there should be some sort of equivalence test that can be taken to sort shit out. But when you’ve got university majors from India pumping gas in the US, how the hell can I expect MMA to be any more evolved?