As if there wasn’t enough proof already that James Irvin is the unluckiest fighter in history…

Controversy swept James ‘The Sandman’ Irvin’s return to Gladiator Challenge. His fight with Mike ‘Sugarloaf’ Crisman was deemed a NO CONTEST when Celebrity Referee Ken Shamrock called Irvin for an Illegal knee. Irvin was well on his way to a victory in his return to GC with impressive force and strikes on the ground when the fight was stopped at 1:09 of the first round; Irvin made an instant verbal protest to Shamrock inside the cage.

Video (apparently from Irvin’s corner) was called in and was reviewed upholding the call and making the fight a No Contest. Crisman was unable to continue the fight and received medical attention inside the cage, but was able to leave the cage standing up.

All I gotta add is CELEBRITY REFEREE KEN SHAMROCK??? How did this not make it onto the event poster? Fuck pictures of all these random dudes with their dukes up. The event should have been called ‘Ken Shamrock’s Thunderdome’ and featured a giant Ken hovering over the cage controlling fighters like a puppet master.

The only explanation for this is that the Shamrock ref thing was an out of the blue addition. I imagine a scenario where Ken shows up ten minutes before the show starts and offers his services in exchange for seventy bucks and a bottle of Grey Goose. Little did the promoters realize that putting Ken and James in one cage is like throwing a black cat under a ladder through a mirror onto a crack in the sidewalk.