Ryan is travelling down to the US to spend some time with his parents, so posting might suffer for a while until he gets to his destination. In the meantime, I thought I might share some of my thoughts and opinions on UFC 103.

I can’t get excited about anyone in the Lightweight Division

I don’t know what it is about that weight class, but every time I see a fight at 155, I feel underwhelmed. It might be because all the other weight classes are so stacked and the competition is so fierce that I feel as though the 155er’s are doing too little to keep me excited. At some point during the card, I was forced to watch the Rob Emerson vs Rafael dos Anjos fight, which was just awful. I feel like they want me to pay attention to Emerson, but all I can do is feel generally underwhelmed by the guy. If they wanted me to be even less excited about the Lightweight division, they’ve succeeded brilliantly.

Dos Santos is the real deal

Ryan’s quiet whimpering as he watched his hero getting pummeled by this gigantic Brazilian was almost too pleasing for words. Junior performed as well as I had hoped, finally justifying all the praise I’ve been giving him. I’m still curious to know what his ground game is like, but so long as he keeps fucking people up, I’m down. Did anyone else notice how fucking tiny Crocop looked compared to the guy? These heavyweight guys just seem to keep getting bigger.

Frank Trigg is out of his league

I’m hoping that the older generation of guys start seeing the writing on the wall; the level of skill and competition is getting so good, and the new guys are so young and energetic that old dinosaurs like Frank Trigg look like slow lumbering robots in comparison. I think it would be best if these older guys stayed the hell out of the fight game while they still have their dignity; or better yet, make a special “Legacy League” so they only have to fight other aging dudes (and we could setup the kind of old school matches we’ve been dreaming of). The odds of that shit happening are about as good as the odds of me winning a beauty contest, but hey, a man can dream can’t he?

Paul Daley hits hard

Maybe it was Kampmann’s huge head, or Daley’s accuracy, but he was fucking up that pasty bastard in decisive fashion, don’t you think? I had marked off Daley as being just another UK banger with no ability to defend himself on the ground. While that still might be true, Ryan was right: this guy fucking knocks people out, and I’m ok with that. At least it’s nice that when one of their big UK guys stumbles and falls, there’s another one to take his place.