It’s been pretty obvious to anyone who’s brain isn’t slowly rotting from syphilis that Georges St Pierre vs Jake Shields was gonna go down at the UFC’s Skydome show in Toronto. Now it’s official, and we can all begin to speculate on how bad of an ass whupping GSP is going to unleash on Shields.

I expect a cathartic strand up drubbing on a higher level than what happened to Jon Fitch in 2008, not just to shut the haters up but because Georges targets weakness and Jake’s standup looks like it came from a cardio kickboxing class. But how does Jake think it’s going to go? Here’s what he told the guys at

“I definitely feel that I’ll find a way to get him down and I think he’s going to try to get me down too. He’s a great wrestler and Jiu-Jitsu fighter as well so I think this fight will definitely hit the ground.”

Brain syph. It’s the only explanation. Remember when it’s confirmed that you heard it here first.