Ever since Jake Shields landed in the UFC, every mention of his buddies / training partners Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez ends up being about how he can’t wait till they’re in the UFC too. Wink wink.

Speaking of training partners, you were asked in the press conference last week about bringing some of your Cesar Gracie teammates with you into the UFC and you said you hoped they’d be here soon. Do you believe the UFC would be a better situation for Nick Diaz & Gilbert Melendez?
Yes, of course. Strikeforce is a good organization. But ultimately, I feel they don’t push the right people. I don’t feel like Nick & Gilbert have gotten the attention they deserve. They pick guys like Cung Le to push. And they push Gina Carano and Frank Shamrock. But they have Nick and Gil, who are both top five fighters in the world. UFC would be the best spot for both of them.

Did you have that same complaint when you were there?
Yeah, definitely. In my first fight in the UFC, they gave me way more push than Strikeforce did the whole time I was there. The UFC just knows how to market. They know how to build stars and they know what they’re doing. They’re really professional.

Fortunately for Strikeforce, Gil Melendez is one loyal motherfucker and the UFC might not even be interested in a headache like Nick. Plus there’s the issue of champ clauses in both fighters’ contracts, meaning neither is gonna be leaving on a winning streak. Still, when you have the best friend of two of your champions constantly talking about how great it’s gonna be when they’re together in the UFC, it’s gotta make you at least a little paranoid.