[youtube 4CQ3sZ2lDEI]

If you’ve never seen any episodes of Michael Schiavello’s “The Voice vs” show on HDNet, you’re missing some pretty awesome interviews.  In his typical style, Schiavello makes sure to add some humour, and isn’t afraid to ask unique and potentially “dangerous” questions.  Like when Alistair Overeem was the guest, his first question was to ask how Alistair got the scar on his cheek.  He later brought up the steroid allegations and Ubereem’s “horse meat” excuse, which led to THIS classic moment.

Airing this Friday night will be his interview with Wanderlei Silva, and as shown in the clip above, his very first ice-breaker question is to ask Wandy about the origin of THIS notorious picture.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’ll be subtitles, so you kinda have to listen close and squint at the screen to catch what Wandy’s saying.