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Nick Diaz Strikeforce Promo: So there’s a ‘sports’ way to film things and a ‘theatrical’ way to film things. Watching this highlight, I wonder why they don’t use the latter more often. This highlight makes Nick Diaz look like a God.

Guy’s leg gets broken by judo throw: You probably don’t even know why you want to see this, but you do. Just admit it.

Nick Ring talks knee surgery and comeback: He’s still sounding as fabulous as ever, and now that he’s in Montreal he can come kick my ass for constantly saying he’s gay.

Roy Nelson’s conspiracy theory about Brock Lesnar: Stupid Roy only thinks Brock will quit TUF because the burgers at BK are secretly injected with LSD. I heard about it via extra-terrestrial communication I pick up through my fillings.

A message to Dana White from Women’s MMA: In summary, “Eat our snatch, asshole”

Dana White’s Entire Fight for the Troops 2 Q&A: Speaking of WMMA, Dana gives a much more reasonable ‘There’s just not enough depth yet’ answer to the question at this military Q&A

Rickson Gracie holds his breath underwater for some strange Japanese TV show: The title really says it all. Worth watching if you haven’t had enough Gracie / Japan / Gameshow action.

Pancrase Legends of MMA Episode 13: Get your daily dose of oldschool Japanese MMA right here. Also contains 500% of your recommended daily intake of Josh Barnett’s wooden announcing.


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