Well kinda, but not really.  It makes for a better title anyway.  This 3 part docu-series produced by The Fight Network focuses on former Chute Boxers Mauricio “Veio” Amado, and his more well-known brother Andre “Dida” Amado, as they reminisce about their time during the glory days of Chute Boxe, and what caused so many fighters to split ranks with the legendary camp. 

Featured: Lots and lots of Wanderlei Silva trying to speaka heez bes Anglish too. The videos also chronicle the brothers (now living in Canada) as they start up their own academy (the fancy word for GYM) called Evolucao Thai

Also, did you know that Andre Dida fought Hinata at K-1 World Max two and a half weeks after being shot in the fuckin’ head? OK, the bullet grazed his head, but still, he and his buddy got shot. That’s pretty crazy. Twenty-seven years of living in Brazil without incident … then a couple of months in Toronto and he gets shot!

*Parts 2 and 3 of the documentary after the jump, plus a picture of Dida’s nasty headwound*

Documentary: Generation Evolucao – Part 2/3 from TheFightNetwork on Vimeo.

Documentary: Generation Evolucao Part 3/3 from TheFightNetwork on Vimeo.