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Andrei Arlovski does THIS IS SPARTA: It only took Andrei three years to get over himself and play up the whole Leonidas lookalike thing. At this rate, maybe next year Keith Jardine will do the Techno Viking finally.

Shogun kicks a guy out of the ring: Mauricio Shogun Rua made a name for himself in MMA by dropping more footstomps than the guy in Dead Space 2. In this video he uses that plus soccer kicks to beat an opponent literally out of the ring.

Mark Hominick is gonna be a daddy: Hey look, even Mark Hominick doesn’t pronounce Jose Aldo’s first name correctly! He’s also got a baby due a week after his title fight. That seems fitting: while his wife is in labor he can be in the bed beside her giving birth to the organs Aldo destroyed.

Headscissors Catfight: One of the Jackals’ favorite things from the old, old, old days of JackalTV was the sketchy semi-porn catfight videos I’d find. In homage to those, here’s a similar video that’s obviously more for masturbatory purposes than skill appreciation. “Can Sexy Marie withstand Shanequa’s superior crushing power?” You’ll have to watch to see!

Nick Diaz goes on an 8 minute rant: For such an ornery guy it doesn’t take much to get a great interview from Nick. Just say “Hi, how are you?” and it’s off to the races!

Kickboxing champ defeats loudmouth … with his mind: Not every confrontation between a bouncer and a drunken idiot ends with the drunken idiot in the hospital. Kickboxing champ Michael Kuhr deals with this idiot without ever lifting a finger.


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