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Aaron Tru gets hotboxed with Eddie Bravo: Eddie is like the Johnny Appleseed of pot, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he spends fight weekends closed up in hotels hitting mega bong hits with his buddies. How any of these guys pass commission piss tests is beyond me.

Cyborg’s Strikeforce Title Training Camp: Somewhere out there, there is someone who thinks Evangelista Cyborg can win against Nick Diaz. That person made this video.

Phil Baroni goes in for surgery: Yes, he really does wear those sunglasses everywhere.

Minowaman in a Yakuza movie: No, not a movie made by Yakuza, but a cheap looking movie ABOUT the Yakuza. Based on the footage in this preview, I’d place the quality at somewhere between a direct-to-dvd release and Japanese soap opera.

Tim Sylvia trains for his next fight: Timmy says he might make a run at the title, just to piss you off. Don’t worry … we like it when he runs into brick walls.

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