Everyone’s favorite Librarian glassjawsh has made a bet with his friend… a terrible, life altering bet. He has a special message and request for all the 4 people who still comment.

Whats up bitches? You worthless peons may or may not remember me as the guy who chased subo around the Internet last year and ultimately forces him to drink his own piss after his bff Donald Cerrone got hosed by Nate Diaz.

Well I’m back and have made another stupid bet that could potentially ruin my family life and hinder my career for no other reason then to entertain people on the Internet I’ve never met (and, Zues willing, never will meet).

This time around the fight in question is Rory McDonald v BJ Penn which goes down on UFC on Fox 5 December 8. And since I’m from the puritanical portion of this country and we prefer our shame permanently emblazoned on our bodies Scarlet Letter style, the terms of the bet include the loser getting a tattoo of the winners choosing.

Now here’s the part where you filthy degenerates get involved, even though I am well versed in publicly embarrassing MYSELF, I am having trouble coming up with something suitable that would remind the loser (aka my friend Elliott) about what a stupid asshole he is every day for the rest of his life.

So I’m asking you, the jackals, for help in deciding what to force another grown man to get inked into his skin (the best I could come up with is “nutz 4 buttz”). The only rules are it can’t be a picture of any naughty bits, it can’t be any bigger than a silver dollar and the loser gets to choose where it goes.

And since I’m not lame and I always do what I say I’m going to, we are going to put the whole thing on video, edit it down to about 3 minutes and then slap it in YouTube before Christmas.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section (we’ll post a reminder the week of and give you guys a club house leader) and as always, if you have any question or concerns, you should direct them here.