Continuing my pet theory that GSP will skip over Johny Hendricks to fight Anderson Silva in November before retiring and riding off into the sunset, here’s his coach Firas Zahabi sounding like Georges is getting pretty close to the end of his career:

“I think so because his training camps are not sustainable forever. His training camps are very difficult. I’ve done a lot of training camps. I could tell you the energy, time and money and hours spent doing a GSP training camp is ridiculous. It’s borderline insane. There’s a lot of effort going into preparing him for his fights. Can he live this lifestyle for another four or five years? I don’t know. Because it’s not a balanced lifestyle. It’s not a balanced lifestyle for him.

“He’s giving up a lot of free time and leisure time and experiences he could be having in life to maintain his title, to maintain this excellence. It’s a difficult thing to do. He’s going to have to make that choice one fight at a time. Does he want to go through another training camp? Right now at this time, yes, for sure. There’s no doubt in my mind he wants to do another one, but down the line, two or three more training camps, is he still going to want to do it? That’s up to him. Does he still have the fire and the passion? We’ll see.”

So one for sure! Two? Hey, let’s not get crazy now. But this could very well mean nothing – remember when Anderson Silva was totes gonna retire in 2009? That date came and went about as eventful as the Mayan apocalypse. But really, what does Georges have left to do in the sport? Get knocked out by one of the hungry young no-namers (sorry Hendricks and Ellenberger) on their way up? And then watch as his legacy gets reduced to “Yeah, but he was fighting guys with no wrestling!” The haters are sitting on the sidelines just waiting for him to fuck up again, to treat him just as badly or worse than they did when he lost to Matt Serra. Why devote your entire life to that eventuality? Better to take the big superfight and go out with an assload of money and all your faculties intact.