[youtube xqwj5lmSzHU]

Check. This. Shit. Out. Two guys walk up on each other in the street. As the short guy reaches to grab the tall guy, apparently unaware that he’s squaring off with a guy you cannot just walk up to and grab, the tall guy throws a chopping elbow of heinous despair that drops the short guy like a sack of bricks. He falls hard, bouncing his head off the street. The killer goes over to either check on him or mock him, it’s unclear. What is quite clear though is the short guy is knocked the fuck out and quite possibly dead, and the tall guy has a soft side as he drags his victim’s lifeless body out of the street.

First thing to cross my mind is no way, this shit is staged. But check out how hard the short guy hits his head on the ground? And the velocity with which he falls and the way his arms flail back. And the sickening thud. It’s just too real.