I’m starting to become a sucker for all those mainstream newspaper op-eds where clueless moral crusaders condemn mixed martial arts and society for allowing such filth to become mainstream. Take for example this one from the Boston Globe:

WHAT WOULD it take for states to allow high-stakes, televised dog fighting?

The very question is repugnant, yet the blueprint has been drawn with remarkable clarity by promoters of so-called mixed martial arts (MMA), or “human dog-fighting’’ as the New York State Catholic Conference called it in a recent letter to lawmakers. Legislators in Massachusetts and New York are inching closer to sanctioning MMA, joining 40 other states that have abandoned their moral stands against the bloody events in which choking, kicking, and pummeling opponents while they’re on their backs are not only routine, they are the essence of the spectacle.

Isn’t it fun to know that reporters have gotten rid of the tired old ‘human cockfighting’ argument and are now onto the much more topical ‘human dogfighting’ term? Way to change with the times! Back in the day it was hard not to get my panties in a twist over these types of articles, but now it’s just interesting to see how out of touch with reality some people are.

(via FightOpinion)