Unless it’s The Room bad, I really can’t pick up on bad acting. So I really don’t get it when people rage on about how terrible Gina Carano has been in all of her movies. But sucking hasn’t stopped Emilia Clarke (aka Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi) from getting an Emmy nomination, and it hasn’t stopped Gina from continuing to snap up solid work in Hollywood. Her newest project: a collaboration with proportionally challenged comic book artist Rob Liefeld.

Avengelyne and its subsequent miniseries told of a fallen angel cast to Earth. Her mission is to find and protect “The One,” a person who holds the key to saving mankind from demons and other monsters.

Carano and Liefeld are reconceiving and rebuilding the title into a starring vehicle for Carano, and the movie project is intended to be in the vein of Underworld, the popular vampire-vs.-werewolves franchise starring Kate Beckinsale.

Scott Karp and Brooklyn Weaver (Out of the Furnace) will be packaging and producing the project with Carano and Liefeld.

A search for a writer or a writer-director to adapt Avengelyne will begin next week.

All this talk of ‘reconceiving’ and ‘rebuilding’ and ‘packaging’ the ‘project’ makes me think this whole thing hasn’t quite hit greenlight status yet. Liefeld and Carano will be spending Saturday at the San Diego Comi-Con schmoozing with the geek elite and attempting to drum up interest for the comic book adaptation. Apparently they’ll be giving out posters featuring the first glimpse of Gina as Avengelyne!

No word yet on if it will be a real pic or drawn or if her chest will be Liefeld-enhanced or not, but one can hope. I’m not neckbeard enough to give a damn about this franchise, so I’m at least hoping we get a ridiculously inappropriate spandex costume out of it.


That’ll do Lief. That’ll do.