The suckitude of the Ontario Athletic Commission is a topic we at Fightlinker care a great deal about, mainly because we live here and are appalled at how the OAC effectively strangles the growth of MMA in this province at every turn. We have pointed out many problems with how things are run but Canadian prospect Ryan Dickson really hits the nail on the head with yet another indictment of how the OAC does things:

“The way they do it out there [in Alberta] is awesome. We were talking with one of the commissioners there and he was telling us that the way they do it there is so much better. I don’t understand why Ontario has so many issues. They haven’t had any issues or anything with safety in Alberta and they’re running multiple shows every week it seems like. I don’t understand what the problem with Ontario’s commission is.”

Dickson astutely identifies part of the problem as the head of the OAC, Ken Hayashi, whose opinion on the sport seems to range from indifference to outright contempt. Hayashi’s rumoured six-figure taxpayer-funded salary is a flat fee paid to him regardless of how many or how few shows the province approves. A stark contrast from some of the commissions in Alberta, who are paid strictly on a percentage of events.

“The commissioner [at the Havoc event], he makes almost nothing. He has to have another gig to make money. He gets paid per show and makes next to nothing. While Ken Hayashi runs one or two shows a year, he makes the same as he would if he ran a show every week. So why would he want to step up? He’s getting 100 G’s or something for one or two shows. He can let the UFC come to town once a year and then go do something else. It’s funny that we get excited here for two shows, while in Alberta they have two shows in one weekend. But we’re getting excited for two shows that we’ve only heard of. It’s crazy.”

Now realistically you can’t just blame one person or the way one person gets paid as the sole reason MMA in Ontario sucks so much. But until someone comes up with a detailed analysis as to how exactly the OAC is crippling things in Ontario, oversimplifications are okay by me.