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I know, I know. Girls get called bitches all the time, for lots of non-bitchy shit. It seems like a woman can’t disagree or be opinionated or put their foot down about something without the B word getting tossed around like Nate Diaz when he fought Rory MacDonald (relevant). But my textbook definition of ‘bitch’ is someone who treats people like shit for no good reason at all. Let’s look at some quotes from Ronda Rousey’s latest interview to see if they apply:

God, did you see Miesha hitting mits with her pet boyfriend? It was like I was embarrassed watching it to be in the same category of professional sports as her. That’s the least professional thing I’ve seen in my life, is like hitting mits with your professional boyfriend who’s never done anything in his life but date you.

And regarding Cris Cyborg:

This is legit chicks and legit competition. Not some roided up cheater against some truck stop waitress I’ve never heard of. That chick – I thought I recognized her from serving me french toast in Montana once. But I must be wrong.

Yeah, we know Ronda hates Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway. But that truck stop waitress never did Ronda no wrong. She just agreed to step up and face Cyborg after her original opponent was injured. Was it a squash match? Sure. But why be a bitch to someone who’s just trying to carve out their own little piece of the MMA dream, no different than Ronda herself?

It’s just the latest in a series of somewhat off-putting statements from Ronda. I didn’t like shit like that when I heard it in high school and I still don’t enjoy it much now. Fortunately, Miesha Tate isn’t gonna be coaching in the TUF house so that saves us from having to watch Ronda go full Mean Girls on her. But will that stop Rousey from revealing her true self over the course of the season?