Ever since Showtime replaced Karyn Bryant with someone who totally knows her Sobrals, Karyn has been freelancing the f*ck out of the MMA biz via her MMA Heat video series. U GO BB! As Ariel Helwani has shown, doing it yourself is a great way to get ahead in this game. And Karyn is at least half the QT Ariel is.

Already accused of using her womanly ways 2 seduce Quinton Rampage Jackson, Karyn is now flaunting a rockin hottie haircut with erotic neckline to draw more fighters into inappropriate behavior. Shame on u Karyn for flaunting your nibble neck n kissable collarbones like this.

did karyn b ruin sportswoman reporting 4ever?
do u blame karyn for hogging all interview kisses?
do u vibe 2 sexual harassment?
do u wish you were getting canoodled by Mayhem?
Should Daddy Dana fire Mayhem for gassing after 2 kiss?