The ‘new’ K-1 has been limping along a sad shadow of its former self since the day it was born via shotgun sale to keep Golden Glory from seizing the name in court. Golden Glory shrugged, branded their kickboxing product GLORY (ALL CAPS! ALL THE TIME!) and spent the year throwing better events with bigger name fighters. Now it sounds like 2013 will be the year they KO K-1 completely. Rumor has it the contracts of K-1’s remaining names are almost up and many are jumping to GLORY. And K-1’s deal with Spike? Also going to GLORY. Dave Meltzer reports:

While no deal is finalized, Kay did say that several Spike executives were at the Glory show at the Saitama Super Arena regarding a potential relationship.

“It was a great night of fights and we’re impressed by the organization and continuing discussions,” said Kay. “There are serious discussions also as well as discussions with Bjorn (Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney) with any potential partners we get into kickboxing with. Right now we’re launching Bellator. We’re all about Bellator. If we do end up in the Glory business, that’s going to be a little later down the line. We don’t want anything to get in the way of our launch with Bellator.”

In the meantime though, it sounds like Bellator and GLORY are pretty gung-ho on the prospect of sharing fighters. Amongst other … interesting ideas like King Mo boxing Kimbo Slice:

“I got a boxing clause in my contract. I just gotta get through this tournament and be healthy. Bjorn said that he was going to get me fights. But the thing with the contract is that we gotta agree on the opponent. But someone like Kimbo Slice? I’d be alright. We could hype that up, they can get behind me… I think King Mo vs. Kimbo Slice would be a good boxing match. I got good training, he’s got good training. I want to make it happen. So my main goal is to get through this tournament, win it, defend it, defend the belt once or twice and after that get that fight with Kimbo.”

Ya gotta love King Mo. He hasn’t even fought for Bellator yet and has barely wrassled for TNA, yet he’s already looking off at a boxing career. Meanwhile, I fully expect he’ll get a dose of his own wrestle-fucking at the hands of some unknown Russian light heavyweight in his Bellator tournament. How appealing will a Mo / Slice boxing bout be then? Regardless, it’d be worth seeing it just knowing it marked the moment Bellator jumped the shark whoring for ratings.