Personally, my favorite part of the whole TRT thing is how you never know who’s on it until a couple of days after the fight. That goes for the people fighting on the card too. For instance, after UFC 146 we learned that Forrest Griffin and Frank Mir were both injecting testosterone. Here’s Frank Mir saying it’s no big deal … in the cage anyways:

As far as performance in the gym I couldn’t tell you the difference. But as far as the areas of my health where I was starting to have issues — as far as that goes, that gets too personal — but I probably will always stay on this

I wonder if he’s referring to the awesome sex. Funny thing about testosterone injections – they give you raging hard-ons. Women might not comment regularly about shrunken testes, but they sure as hell notice when your penis has the rigidity of a half eaten breadstick. There’s no such problems when you’re on the juice, man. TRT not only let Rampage Jackson have sex five times a day, it led him to revive his rap career so he could spit rhymes about his renewed status as ‘King of the Doggy Style.’ Fortunately for him, the kind of ladies he’s bagging probably don’t care if his sexy time is performance enhanced.

Us crusty dudes with our MMA … well, that’s a different story all around. A couple of years from now we’ll look back on TRT as the cheating it obviously was, and it’s users as the cheaters they clearly are. I hope the intense doggy style sessions are worth it, Frank!