Not content to talk shit about the guy who just dominated him for five rounds, Nick Diaz also blamed his coach and team for not believing in him or helping him prepare for his fight properly. Interesting words from a guy who’s normally so big on team loyalty and whose coach, Cesar Gracie, seems to spend half his life up to his neck in various Diaz-related shit piles.

On Monday, Cesar talked about his current relationship with Diaz and while he was much more politically neutral than Nick ever could be, he did admit there were issues that needed to be worked out:

“I’m going to have a discussion, especially with Nick,” he said. “I need to make sure we’re on the same page with everything. Sometimes, the stress of doing something is a little bit crazy, and I do the best I can but it’s kind of stressful. Then I have to ask, It this worth it to even do this? Maybe if there was somebody who could do this job that Nick or Nate — if they wanted to go — that they could really trust, that might be a good thing. But again, that’s a personal thing between us.”

He did continue to do his typical ‘putting out fires’ thing by claiming Nick has definitely paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over the years. He also explained Nick’s desire to be a part of the ‘big fight’ circuit rather than getting thrown into the mix:

“I’d rather see him something like Wanderlei Silva. Big fights. Wanderlei could lose 10 fights in a row, and they’re going to put him in a big fight. That’s how they feel about Wanderlei. And Vitor Belfort. Vitor would win a fight and he’s fighting for the title next. The respect level given to these guys that have been doing this for so many years and put on so many fights. Nick, he’s not as old as those guys, but he wants that kind of respect, and he wants big fights.”

Does Diaz really deserve that though? His fight record and skills might justify something like this, but then you take into account the brawls and the endless drama and headaches he causes and his attempts to sabotage the promotion of his fights. Honestly, Diaz is more likely to get fired over the next year than get put in more high profile fights.