While I’m interested in seeing if someone as flaky as Melvin Guillard can get past the epitome of consistent workmanship that is Jim Miller, the fight I’m really excited about is Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig vs Josh Neer. Josh is like a mutant cousin of the Diaz brothers. He comes to fight and all he asks for is an opponent that’s not gonna lay on him. He has that in Ludwig, who’s been called one of the best technical kickboxers in the UFC. We got in touch with Bang to talk about the fight and his semi-official record for fastest KO and you can read that interview after the jump!

Fightlinker: The UFC is now acknowledging your knockout of Jonathan Goulet as the fastest in the organization’s history though the NSAC is still unwilling to budge despite video evidence. Can you talk some about A.) What the honor means to you on a personal level, B.) How great has it been to have the UFC’s support in such a visible way, and C.) Does it bother to you or even matter at all that the athletic commission hasn’t come around yet?

Duane Ludwig: It’s a great thing to have my brothers/family behind me with this. The UFC and the fans behind me means more then a government employed man in a suit saying I have the record.

Fightlinker: Regarding Josh Neer, it seems to be all respect between you two leading up to the fight. What are your thoughts on him as a fellow veteran with a reputation for toughness and history of taking out his adversaries?

Duane Ludwig: Yes he is a very tough veteran whom I have respect for as a fighter. He always comes to fight and you have to respect that. I’m expecting a good stand up scrap.

Fightlinker: How do you see things unfolding come showtime? Safe to say you two are the odds on favorites to win “Fight of the Night”?

Duane Ludwig: Like you said FOTN it will be for sure. He’s a gamer and so am I so I’m excited for this fight. I appreciate the ufc and Neer for making this fight happen.

Fightlinker: Where do you think a third consecutive victory, not to mention one over a guy like Neer,  puts you in the division as far as contendership in 2012 goes?

Duane Ludwig: I don’t really care, I just fight because it’s fun and it gives me something to do. Focus and purpose in life. I enjoy facing adversity and seeing how I react. It shows true character and self realization.

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig (it just doesn’t seem right leaving the Bang out) faces Josh Neer on tonight’s UFC on FX card. Canadian viewers can catch the show on Sportsnet ONE, which unfortunately ISN’T the Sportsnet most of you get. And of course we’ll have the chat up from prelims to post-fight!