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Here’s the last round of Kimbo Slice’s boxing match from over the weekend. Kimbo comes back from losing on the scorecard to knock his opponent out with 3 seconds left in the fight. Amazing! Exciting! Inspiring! Well, not really. Check out the footage – the knockout comes at around 4 minutes. Does that look like a legit knockout to you?

This wouldn’t be the first time Kimbo’s combat sports career has attracted a fishy smell. His first opponent Bo Cantrell went down the first opportunity he got. There was that iffy stoppage in the James Thompson fight. And lest we forget Standgate, where Seth Petruzelli was basically asked by EliteXC promoters not to take Kimbo down.

At least this is boxing’s problem now.

(the full fight after the jump)

[youtube Gi1-czhV8k4]

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