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Duane Ludwig is one half of what should be an extremely entertaining fight with Dan Hardy, and MMA Weekly has an excellent two part video series on the guy. You can check out part two after the jump, but first here’s Duane talking to the Rebellion MMA radio guys about some wild times in Montreal with Bas Rutten:

“I’ve got a handful of [Bas Rutten] stories but one that sticks out is my fight with Jens Pulver in Montreal. It was the night before weigh-ins and he and a buddy got pretty drunk and passed out for awhile and when they woke up they thought they were out for so long that they missed the fight. Bas’ buddy is telling him ‘yeah we missed the fight and Duane won but you weren’t in his corner, you were actually in Jens’ corner’ and he started flipping out. I’ve got so many stories, that guy is a character, I love that dude.”

Bas is one of those guys who’s addiction manifested itself in such entertaining ways that I wish he was still in the bottle. It’s like Trent Reznor: much better when he was doing blow off Marilyn Manson’s dick. Sure these guys have added several decades onto their lives, but that seems like a rather selfish way of looking at it. The needs of the many, man.

Don’t forget part two of that Bang Ludwig video blog after the jump, or this Sunday’s Rebellion MMA radio show.

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