I didn’t have high expectations for this fight coming in. In fact, I was pissed that this guy I’d never heard of was on the main card fighting Lytle, who surely deserved a better opponent.  The whole event turned out to be much better than expected, and the Lytle-Ebersole scrap was, for my money, the most entertaining by far.

The weird taunts, the Hadouken-style takedown attempts, the cartwheel kicks, the mad scrambles, the bizarre resemblance to comedian Bryan Callen, the CHEST HAIR…  forget about whether or not he’s any good, the dude is unpredictable, and that is fun to watch. 

The moment I became a fan was at the end of the 2nd round.  After pressing Chris up against the cage, he shoved his head under Lytle’s arm in guillotine position, then picks him up and slams him hard.  I thought ‘this dude is nuts’.  He’d already spent a ridiculous amount of time caught in a guillotine in the first round, and now he risks ending the 2nd round stuck in one.  I like a guy that is willing to take risks and can’t wait to see him fight again.


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