(Matthew Polly, our resident scribe of non-ill repute, jumps into the dark dangerous realms of gender issues and forbidden words. His upcoming book, Tapped Out, will be out two days before GSP and Nick Diaz fight!)

Ryan has already written at length about Motorboat Gate II. But like most reporters, media car crashes are my crack cocaine. So this smash-up has me on my knees sucking cock for rock. Let me start with Ryan, so he’ll let me post my two cents.

Ryan, you are completely right. [Sound of slurping.] No one should be shocked, shocked that a shock comic like Rogan called a female reporter cunty. I was shocked that he was careful enough to add the “y.” That’s Rogan being polite.

In an act of masochism, I read the entire UG thread until my eyes started bleeding. First, cunty was one of the nicer things written about Maggie Hendricks and her post. Lord, I thought I played rough. Second, Rogan’s got a point.

Maggie Hendricks didn’t argue that Rampage should apologize for his behavior. She didn’t argue that the UFC should yank his chain and fine him. Both of those would have been expected, mainstream responses. Instead, she argued his past behavior towards both male and female reporters was so beyond the pale that the entire MMA press corp should SHUN him. And the specific reason we should do this is to damage and/or end his MMA and movie career.

We continue to interview the man and give him the publicity he needs to further his career…Let’s stop doing that.

Obviously, this will never happen in the MMA niche (and Maggie knows it) until Rampage’s fighting career is as dead as Tank Abbott’s. But the movie business is a different beast. If Fox wants to recast Jackson in The A-Team II, they have to buy insurance for him. And the amount depends on the risk that he will go on a 3-day energy drink bender, assault a reporter (or a pregnant woman), get arrested, and thus shut down production. They also have to assess the value of an actor they can’t send out to sell the movie, because they are terrified he’ll dry hump ET’s Nancy O’Dell.

In other words, Rampage’s future income depends on his reputation, which is shaped by the press, for stability and reliability. Hendrick’s post was a conscious effort to damage both. Or as my dad would say, she wants to take money out of his pocket and food off his children’s plates.

It is a clever strategy and perhaps even a justified one. But it is also pretty cunty. Then again I spent last night re-watching Trainspotting, so I may be desensitized to the word.