Those of you who were spellbound this weekend by Bellator, crazy somersault kicks, and highly dubious Polish MMA decisions (later overturned) may have missed one other excellent fight from this weekend, fought under the Ultimate Warrior Fighting banner. No, there was no Native American curse ritual performed against Hulk Hogan after smoking large amounts of peyote; the fight actually featured War Machine stopping Roger Huerta via TKO in his first fight back from his year in prison. It’s nice to see War Machine brutalizing other men while locked in a cage instead of… Oh, wait… Well, at least he doesn’t have to pluck his asshole hairs with his fingers or intentionally piss on his own feet anymore.

War Machine and Roger Huerta both looked quite good in the fight before a Huerta rib injury led to the TKO; it made me really hope that War Machine keeps it together enough to justify the “Future Legend” shirt he wore after the fight. But the fighter who came out of the bout looking the best was definitely color commentator Phil Baroni. So much time has passed since his color commentating job at UFC 42 that I had forgotten how unabashedly awesome it is to hear the guy talk. Baroni has done commentary with the MMA Big Show since then, but who the fuck watches that shit?

His commentary is generally spot-on, and he managed to see that Huerta had a rib injury far before I would have noticed it based on the crappy low-resolution video I saw. His enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. He also saves promoters money because he doubles as director. Witness a couple of his quotes from the fight commentary:

There’s a ring card girl with a nice ass… put it on her, not me, dude.

The camera guy’s telling me to look at him. Shut up, camera guy, before I knock ya out. I’m excited for this fight.

Therefore, Phil Baroni should be hired to commentate for at least one show per week, and preferably every MMA fight from now until the end of time. Let us all pray to the MMA gods and the gypsy curse lady for this to occur.

(Video via IronForgesIron)