The UFC knew about Chael Sonnen’s testosterone replacement therapy, and now it becomes clear that they knew about Nate Marquardt’s too. While NateGate was initially all about Nate and the reason he got unceremoniously fired, it’s now grown beyond that. Now people are wondering how many other professional fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championships are claiming they have low testosterone levels so they can basically inject steroids.

Thus far here’s what we know: Dave Meltzer outed Dan Henderson as having a TRT exception in California and Nevada, and that he “tests at below-normal levels even while receiving the TRT.” Nevada also approved a teensy tiny twenty three year old Todd Duffee for testosterone replacement therapy. Last and least since this is more an unproven allegation than anything else, German UFC commentator Oliver Copp implied that Matt Hughes has used TRT in the past.

As for commissions that have allowed fighters using testosterone replacement therapy, we’ve got Nevada and California already pegged and Nate Marquardt says he was cleared by New Jersey and Texas. The UFC also accepted his TRT situation when they handled commission duties in Germany. Considering you’ve got three of the biggest commissions in North America plus the UFC accepting the use of TRT, I’d say it’s a generally accepted practice. As fucked up as that is.