There was a lot to watch last weekend between WSOF and Bellator, but leave it to Brazil to produce a terrible injury that makes its’ way cringe to cringe around the internet.  This time it’s a Corey Hill reenactment as Nova Uniao’s Magno Alexandre kicked Gustavo Franca apart.

This is the kind of injury that keeps a little guy like me out of the cage.   You train for years, learn how to check leg kicks and still get fucked up if the angle is right.  No me gusta.

The fight wasn’t very good but you can find it after the jump in case you want to see Alexandre crying, a Dave Mustaine lookalike tending to the guy with a compound leg fracture or the reverse angle replay.  Leg break at 3:30, replay at 4:48.

[youtube 2oMfxoNcxgo]