Ever wonder how much refs and judges in MMA make? Keith Kizer gives Sherdog an insight into official paygrades:

And with the judges, referees and timekeepers … we have our smaller shows, and they get about $200, $250 for smaller shows. Now, for the bigger shows in MMA, a pay-per-view of a UFC caliber, all the refs would get $1,200 and judges I believe get $950 and timekeepers about $600. So there’s a little bit more money in those situations, and, of course, [with] shows in-between, the pay would be somewhere in between. But, yeah, compared to what an NFL referee makes, it’s very little in that regard. In boxing, the pay structure’s a little different. It’s a little more widespread, where the ref at the top of the card might make $8,000, while the refs on the bottom of the card are only making $600, say for a [Floyd] Mayweather [Jr.] card. So there’s a bigger gap there, disparity, as opposed to UFC, where everybody’s making $1,200.