So Kyle Maynard, that dude with no arms or legs, competed in an MMA fight last night. He lost on the judge’s scorecards 30-27, with his opponent Bryan Fry keeping outside Maynard’s range and peppering him with strikes. I’ll wait until I see the video before deciding how well Kyle did – I don’t want to say he ‘did great’ just because he didn’t get seriously hurt. But it’s nice to know that he didn’t get his block knocked off or anything. Also nice: the reasoning behind his opponent taking on the fight:

Fry — whose mother cares for mentally and physically handicapped patients and whose son suffers from sickle cell anemia — claimed he accepted the fight with Maynard in good faith to help the Georgian show others afflicted with disability that dreams are reachable.

“It was important for me to come down here,” said Fry, who won for the first time in three amateur appearances. “If my son sees this guy get in the ring, it lets him know.”

“I was pretty damned amazed,” he said. “I didn’t expect him to be that quick. He’s got bigger balls than a lot of the guys I know.”

Not so nice: the environment in which the fight went down:

The setting was far from ideal. Partially enclosed by a steel skeleton, the “arena” came complete with a dirt floor peppered with straw, a wooden press box and bleachers, a hot dog stand, a row of portable toilets and a live band. Sexual enhancement fliers were passed out to the crowd before the first fist flew, and cigarette smoke choked the air, as Maynard and Fry — the ninth and final bout on the card — competed in a square cage of black chain-link.

Kyle’s plan is now to take all the info he gathered from this fight to try and get another fight in a state that sanctions MMA, probably so he doesn’t have to worry about getting all filthty on his way to the cage. Those of you hoping this was a one time thing … well, he had over 50 wrestling matches, so I don’t see why he’d stop at one MMA fight.