After the endless-replay-of-horror that Terry Etim received courtesy of Edson Barbosa last January, you’d think that he would be a bit leery of crossing the threshold of the eight-sided cage again.  In fact, Etim was scheduled to face Joe Lauzon last August, but had to pull out because of a shoulder injury. That kept him out of action until this coming Saturday when he faces a first time lightweight contender in Renee Forte on the Facebook prelims.

Etim, an Octagon veteran who has been in the promotion since 2007, is confident that he will come out on top against Forte, who competed in TUF Brazil and is used to rolling at welterweight.  ESPN UK talked to Etim earlier in February and he was focused and confident that no further highlight reel footage will include him, at least not on the losing end.  Well, he actually said, “Good luck to him after our fight and in his future fights, but this fight is definitely only going to finish with me getting my arm raised,” but we all know that’s code for, “My fist bones are going to explode his nose holes.”

Sorry.  It *is* Terry Etim, so it would be, Me fst bns r gnnta ‘splodis nos’oles.”  As a side note, I love it when the person speaking English gets subtitled.  Makes me all cuddly and warm.

The pressure to erase a clip that is used by his boss to promote every “Best Of” DVD has to be enormous.  I mean, is it as bad as being identified as the goatse guy? (Note: Don’t click that.)  No, but it has to haunt guys like Nate Quarry and Sean Salmon; Quarry’s KO loss to Rich Franklin was in 2005 and is used in the damn intro to every UFC pay-per-view.  And Sean Salmon will forever be used as evidence that Rashad Evans has knockout power. Imagine having your name attached to a lie like that. The indignity!

The point is that Terry Etim has a year’s worth of “Gauddam, ah ned to bet a fella witin an anch a’der laf'” stored up in his angry angry fists, and Saturday just might be the night where Facebook gets to deliver something for the world other than pictures of food and Grumpy Cat meme photos.