And here I was thinking Zoila Frausto was gonna be the latest fighter to get bent into a pretzel by Mega Megu. Instead Fujii tried to strike her way to the Bellator 115-pound belt and lost a split decision because of it:

Fujii abandoned her usual grappling-heavy game plans and chose to strike with Frausto. On their feet, Fujii landed with more accuracy while Frausto landed the harder strikes, making for difficult rounds to score.

“It’s the best feeling in the world,” said Frausto (10-1). “A lot of people said I couldnt do it. I’ve been through so much, I deserve it. I worked so hard, and I’ve got the Lord to thank.”

Fujii, who had 18 of her 22 career wins by submission, didn’t put Frausto on the mat until there were 30 seconds left in the fight, but she never came close to a submission. Still, many likely walked away with the belief Fujii should have left victorious as she seemed to control the location of the fight and left Frausto with a badly swollen eye.

Fujii came into the tournament considered to be the top female pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but she’d never won a title. That run was expected to end at Bellator 34, but instead, she fell to 22-1 with the first loss of her career.

“I wanted to fight in her area,” Fujii said. “I did a lot of striking but I did my best.”

Strange … you’d figure if anyone was going to pull a Jorge Gurgel and ignore their best skills, it’d be Jorge’s girlfriend Zoila. Instead Fujii got cocky and decided to gunsling with a woman 25 pounds heavier than her. I suppose it’s a testament to her skills that she nearly won anyways, but close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades.

Meanwhile, the Zoila Frausto bandwagon is revving up pretty hard all of a sudden: MMA Fighting just gave her the #2 spot on the women’s P4P list, which makes my skull hurt like the weight of the internet’s stupidity is about to crack it in half.