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The longer women get to fight in the spotlight, the more anti-WMMA people will look like the goddamn idiots they are. Not only have the women proven themselves to be some of the most exciting fighters on recent UFC cards, but the pool of female athletes coming up right now continues to improve with astonishing speed. We’ve already got Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey sitting at the top of the pack, and there are more like her rising up right now.

Take for example 18-time world boxing champion Holly Holm, who recently retired from the sweet science to concentrate full time on mixed martial arts. She just improved her record to 4-0 with a fourth knockout at this weekend’s Legacy Fighting Championships, and it’s a doozy. Not content to rely on her top level boxing skills, Holly can kick like a mule and just used her new weapon to flatten opponent Allanna Jones in the second round.

Holm is doing everything right in her transition into MMA – she’s a career athlete who knows what it takes to succeed, and is learning the ropes of her new sport at Greg Jackson’s. I have no doubt we’re going to see her in the UFC when she’s ready, and considering how good she’s already looking I expect her to be a legit challenge for Ronda Rousey and another marquee fighter for the women’s bantamweight division.

Gif via the Zombie Prophet. Video of the fight after the jump.

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