Yesterday, BloodyElbow stalwart Brent Brookhouse caught wind of an unsanctioned fight show scheduled for today in New York City, so he posted this missive on the Underground Combat League. You see, pro MMA may be banned in the Empire State, but amateur MMA has always been legal, and for the past ten years, the UCL has been exploiting that loophole by holding events at various undisclosed locations within the Five Boroughs. However, unlike other amateur events – where there are set rules and guidelines and varying levels of medical screening before and after the fights – the UCL offers nothing. The rules are whatever the fighters agree to, and if you get injured, you’re SOL until someone calls 911 and an ambulance comes or you decide to take a cab down to the local ER.

Said Brookhouse:

If the promoter were nearly as interested in just having MMA sanctioned in New York, he’d probably not be so willing to throw out all shreds of safety. No medic on site, allowing pros to fight as amateurs, allowing headbutts – a horrible thing in terms of long term health of the brain – all points to a lack of truly caring about anything other than the here-and-now, not anything involving the long-term health of MMA in New York.

Well, the promoter apparently doesn’t read BloodyElbow, because he went ahead with the underground event, and Fightlinker was on hand for the carnage. Here’s a vid of a fighter getting decapitated. (Warning: this is not for the squeamish.)