Everything I know about South Korean culture I learned from Gangnam Style, but there wasn’t a whole lot in there about Koreans being whiny bitches. That’s something I’m picking up from MMA news. First we heard several complaints from Dong Hyun Kim regarding the treatment of Korean fighters by the UFC, and now here’s RoadFC promoter Jung Mun-hong with his own list of gripes:

Road Fighting Championship President Jung Mun-hong said Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is “cheap” for taking domestic talent without providing appropriate compensation to the organizations where the fighters honed their skills.

During a recent interview with The Korea Times, Jung expressed his frustration over losing former Road FC bantamweight champion Kang Kyung-ho to UFC after he signed a contract with the world’s biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in July. The 25-year-old won the Korean outfit’s inaugural title.

“Do you know how much of our resources we spend to discover and develop talent? It was a great loss for us,” Jung said. “However, Kang really wanted to go, so I let him, even though UFC didn’t pay anything to our organization.”

Jung said the harsh logic of capitalism is pervasive in the sport where UFC dominates noting, “They use their reputation to recruit talent, while the talent-builders like us get nothing.”

Since when has the UFC ever paid any promotion for the fighters they poach? And how can anyone honestly think that would be a good thing? Can you imagine the kind of stupidity we’d witness if the UFC had to start paying promotions to sign fighters? Sounds like this comrade should head up to North Korea where ‘the harsh logic of capitalism’ won’t affect him. Does he want the UFC to come and give him a backrub and a bouquet as well? “Wah wah, our fighters are so good they’re being drafted into the major leagues!” I know this is a new issue for you, Korea. But I assure you in the end it’s good for you.