Konichiwa, loyal jackals! You may have noticed over the past few days there’s been more content, and from strange people whose names you haven’t seen before. That’s because last week we reached out to the readers looking for some new writers and the masses delivered! From a field of over 30 submissions we pared the field down to five new writers who will join this posse of fart-joke spitting assholes.

So I’d like you to say hello to the FL Class of 2013 – BigHeathenMike, Sam Stilson, Scott Levesque, Kiki McGraw, and stmx. As for myself, don’t worry: I will still be providing as much (or as little) content as I always do. This is all part of our goal to bring you even more of the news you love wrapped in the cynical and jaded commentary that has made Fightlinker so popular over these past six years.