Of all the misconceptions about the media, the idea that it has a liberal bias is my favorite. As now-Senator Al Franken put it, “asking whether the media has a liberal bias is like asking whether al Qaeda uses too much oil in their hummus.” There are TONS of media biases, including but not limited to Who Owns Me, Is Anything Bleeding and Hot Girl Missing!111!1!1!! All of these, however, are facets of the same goal: to capture the ever-shrinking attention span of a public with seemingly infinite sources of infotainment and gifs of chimps drinking their own pee. MMA’s fandom isn’t enough to generate critical mass-type coverage by itself; it needs some pro wrestling fans, or people that like “oohing” at only the craziest of knockouts, or – in this case – click-happy morons that see the word “transgender” and have to give it a click.

It certainly isn’t Fallon Fox’s fault that this is happening to her. She didn’t style herself as a champion of transgender rights and has given every impression that she simply wants to compete. In fact, she didn’t even disclose her gender reassignment to Sports Illustrated until it was clear that the story would break regardless. So now, CNN – complete with a video in which the lady in the bottom box doesn’t say a single word – has assigned someone named Michael Martinez to just refuse to Google anything having to do with mixed martial arts. There might be tens of thousands of people that get THIS as their first taste of MMA coverage.

That opponent, Ericka Newsome, was knocked out this month with “a tie clinch,” or a knee to the chin, 39 seconds into the fight without anyone knowing of Fox’s background.

A simple understanding of the human language (and perusal of the sub-minute fight video, which I’d bet good money Martinez didn’t watch) should indicate that a clinch, while perhaps instrumental in the landing of a knee, is not, in fact, a knee. I mean, I guess I should be happy he didn’t go with “tie plum”. Lmgtfy, you lazy, lazy man.

Who loves a shoddy journalist more than anyone? If you said “a subpar manager”, then you’ve been watching this sport for a while!

What was unfair, her last opponent and her manager say, is how Fox didn’t disclose until after the fight that Fox had a sex change operation. …

It was “unfair I didn’t know it, but it didn’t matter that she fought me,” Newsome told CNN. “I feel that it should have been disclosed to me ahead of time…so we are aware and able to be better prepared for the situation.”

How does one change their preparation upon finding out that their opponent used to be a man? You can’t grow longer bones, for God’s sake! (Also, for the record, let it be known that, when Fallon Fox refers to the medical community being behind her, Dr. Johnny Benjamin is not in that camp, being too pissed about the Kimbo lynching and the fact that Rousey/Carmouche had 5 minute rounds.)

She and her manager are going to appeal the loss in Florida on the grounds of how Fox failed to disclose being a transgender person and how the referee stopped the fight too early.

“They should have let the fight go,” manager Matt Hamilton said. “She should have thrown at least one to two more shots to confirm it. On that particular basis, that’s one of the things we’ll appeal with, as well as not having it disclosed.”

I hope to liveblog this athletic commission hearing, assuming Florida gains access to the Internet between then and now.

The cherry on top:

Newsome wants to fight Fox again, Hamilton said.

“We would love a rematch,” Hamilton said.

There’s really nothing like someone – anyone – reporting what an MMA manager says with complete and utter credulity.  Especially when the manager vacillates from lobbying for a no-contest based on Fox’s transgender status to advocating for a rematch in the same interview.

This guy got paid to write about mixed martial arts.