[youtube rfBo532SHBQ]

Our buddies at Filmdrunk dub this movie Mixed Martial Farts, but after watching the preview I think it shows a lot of Mixed Martial Heart. *BARF* On the upside, Kevin James and the kangol hat he stole from 90s Samuel L Jackson have been a fixture cageside at UFC events for years now, so he brought in a who’s who of MMA personalities to appear in the movie. In the preview alone:

Bas Rutten
Vinny Magalaes
Krzysztof Soszynski (God, that guy is a spell check’s nightmare)
Brian Stann
Mark Delagrotte (along with a giant Team Sityudong banner – very Thai name for a team that seems to consist exclusively of extremely white dudes from Boston)
Mayhem Miller
Joe Rogan
Salma “Heavy Bags” Hayek

Also … Cecil Peoples?

Mayhem getting KO’d in the preview. Dude can’t even beat Paul Blart.