Cain Velasquez’s win over Junior Dos Santos seems like a clear cut case of superior game planning and excellent execution. Cain chased Junior around the cage across the opening minutes of the bout, shooting for his legs non-stop and keeping Dos Santos worried about the takedown. Then he went over the top and knocked Junior senseless with a crushing blow, and from there it was Cain’s fight. OR … Junior’s head wasn’t on straight and his creatine levels were too high.

“Really was my head. I had some personal things going on, a bit of my attention was lacking because of it. And another thing. Soon after the fight I went to the hospital and had a scan, which showed my creatine was too high. The normal level is up to 300, mine was in 1400. I also had trouble in the urine and kidneys.”

“The explanation of the doctors is that I pushed over the line, I over trained, and problems could have happened even before the fight… I was so good that I ended up crossing the line. That was the explanation of doctors. Mine is that I was not good with my head, was having personal problems and did not go well mentally in the fight.”

“Going forward I will be more careful, it will take my body to the limit all the time. I need to know how my body is reacting to what I am doing. We need to be a bit more professional about it. I will do tests during preparation. This fight also taught me that we have to be stronger with the head, think things strategy and better monitor the tactical part.”

Those of you who like a humble ‘He was the better fighter that night’ response to the ‘What happened?’ question aren’t going to like this, but you better expect this kinda thing to happen more and more. Junior Dos Santos is already in campaign mode for fight number three with Cain Velasquez, and you don’t help your case by admitting everything was great and you were in top shape that night you got manhandled.

I’m sure as time goes on we’re going to hear more and more about how Junior’s system was all bunged up and over-training clearly cost him the fight. Not because it’s necessarily true, but because that’s the narrative they need to set up if a third fight against Velasquez is going to seem compelling enough to put together.