(Maybe he’s just being a crabby old man?)

Dan Henderson is currently stuck in superstar limbo. All the big fighters he wants to fight are already booked up, leaving him with options like Lil Nog and Machida. Not that there’s anything wrong with those guys, but when you’re hot sh*t like Hendo, you don’t just take the first or second or third palooka the UFC offers you. Especially when a nice long vacation actually increases your chances of getting an immediate title shot.

It does sound like Dan is looking forward to the future though. Check out what he tweeted during the Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson / Ryan Bader fight at UFC 144:

Good round for Bader. Rampage has never been the smartest fighter.

Might be just me but rampages stomach is hanging out past his dicky do. Not really ably to get aggressive.

Bader fought great. Nice job. Quinton looks like he just showed up to get paid.

Oh snap. And extra points for snap accuracy. I too noticed the gut to dicky do ratio was out of whack, and that Rampage seemed to have left his heart back in the United States.

What purpose could Henderson have for being such a meanie towards Rampage? It couldn’t be to stoke the flames for an eventual rematch, could it? The two clashed in London back in 2007 (the heady days when the UK still got title fights) and Quinton managed to outwrestle Dan for a unanimous decision win. It was one of the best performances we’d ever seen out of Rampage, and probably not the kind of thing he’s capable of recreating nowadays.

Hendo meanwhile has gone from being called Decision Dan to Hollywood Henderson. He’s got that H-Bomb finisher and he just starched Fedor Emelianenko. Not only would a fight with Quinton Jackson be an excellent chance to avenge that earlier loss, but it’d make Dan a buttload of money and raise his profile ever higher into the stratosphere. I know he really wants to get his ass kicked by Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, but there’s no way he can’t look at the low hanging fruit of a Rampage Jackson rematch without drooling at least a little.