Tucked into an article about how Bellator plans to waive their 90 day negotiation period with Eddie Alvarez is this little reveal on how much the UFC paid Hector Lombard to jump ship:

Rebney said that contract, which according to him paid Lombard a $400,000 signing bonus, a $300,000 starting purse per fight and pay-per-view participation points, was cost-prohibitive from Bellator’s standpoint.

We all know about how Dana White and his infamous locker room bonuses. I wonder if he went into Hector’s locker room after the Boetsch fight and took the guy’s wallet. I’m also curious to see how Lombard’s pay ends up looking when he fights in a region that discloses fighter pay. The UFC is really good at hiding that actual number, but how good is something that’s always been shrouded in secrecy. Comparing the 300k he makes to what an NSAC or CSAC paysheet says could give us a little more perspective.