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The Harlem Shake is perhaps the first meme to go from enjoyable and humorous to annoying and despised in under 48 hours. I dug the original, and who doesn’t love watching a dude in a pimp costume pouring milk on himself? From there it got obnoxious fast, and worse: it got LAZY. Oh, you made a Harlem Shake video where everyone gyrates and air humps? How wacky and original!

And just like Gangnam Style went MMA, so has the Harlem Shake. Above: the most interesting one featuring Alexander Gustafsson – interesting because it includes a message for Jon Jones from the Swedish fighter. After the jump: more Harlem Shaking, featuring King Mo, Ian McCall, Babalu Sobral, Jon Jones, Frank Mir, John Dodson, Sarah Kaufman, Greg Jackson, Roger Huerta, and many more. Now let this fad fade quickly and let us never speak of it again.

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