We go through UFC 114 from top to bottom, observing that while there are a lot of great fighters on this card, there aren’t all that many drool worthy fights. Still, Sadollah vs Dong should be awesome and we’re interested in seeing how Dan Lauzon does against Efrain Escudero considering his brother and coaches booted him in the middle of his training camp. Diego Sanchez’s camp changes are touched upon, John Hathaway’s sleeper qualities are noted, and Dan Miller’s misfortunes are laid out. Michael Bisping doesn’t get much mention other than the fact that we think he’s a tool, and Todd Duffee’s ability to live up to the hype is measured. Oh, and there’s that Rampage vs Rashad fight on this card too. Where’s Rampage’s head? Was Rashad smart to talk this much trash? What was with all that racial shit? One happy hour of UFC 114 discussion right here.