The new big thing on the internet is faking your online popularity in order to … well, I’m not really sure what the point is. Tricking people into thinking your internet dick is bigger than it really is doesn’t seem to have much obvious upside, especially if you’re a UFC fighter. But apparently UFC fighters do this too, as a recent investigation from Ingrained Media shows. They went through a bunch of high profile MMA twitter accounts to see who was really popular and who was popular amongst fake accounts. You can see some of the results above, and more on their web site.

The folks at Ingrained Media are careful to note they’re not accusing any specific personalities of astroturfing their own accounts – there are many ways a person can end up with a bunch of fake followers. Hell, one of the hallmarks of a fake twitter is they follow a number of celebrity twitter accounts, so folks like Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre probably get followed a lot in an attempt to make accounts seem real. Long story short, who knows how all these fake people ended up following a lot of these fighters. But it is interesting to note that a huge % of twitter is made up of fake users. And that so many of those fake users are huge Roy Nelson fans.